Industry Insights with Brian Nayandong

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We recently sat down with Brian Nayandong, the Director of Sales at Permasearch, to ask him what he thinks will be in store for 2024 in terms of staffing in the Canadian Financial and Accounting industry. Brian has been working in the recruitment industry for 7 years and his primary focus has been Permanent hires for Finance and Accounting. Within Finance and Accounting some particular areas of expertise include: Property Accounting, Public Accounting, Audit, Assurance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Tax, Treasury, Payroll and AP/AR.

“I think there are a few new trends we are going encounter in the first part of 2024 but we are also going to continue to see things like remote work set ups and continued conversations about AI that were really hot topics in 2023. In terms of Finance and Accounting, we are heading into tax season, so with these trends, I also anticipate a surge in hiring for public accountants in both larger and smaller firms. I also think there will be an emphasis on cybersecurity as data protection in the financial world is incredibly crucial and there will be a need for professionals to help with safeguarding information. ”

Four recruitment trends to look out for in 2024:

Increased Demand for Remote Talent:
With the continued normalization of remote work, we anticipate a surge in demand for finance and accounting professionals who are adept at working in virtual environments. Companies may seek candidates with strong digital skills and the ability to collaborate effectively in a remote setting.

Emphasis on Data Analysis and Cybersecurity:
As data becomes increasingly valuable, companies will prioritize candidates who possess strong data analysis skills to derive meaningful insights. Additionally, with the growing threat of cyber-attacks, there may be an increased demand for finance and accounting professionals with a background in cybersecurity to safeguard financial information.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives:
Organizations are placing greater importance on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This trend is likely to extend to finance and accounting recruitment, with companies actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds and implementing inclusive hiring practices to build well-rounded and representative teams.

Focus on Technology Proficiency:
The integration of advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and automated financial systems is likely to drive the need for finance professionals with expertise in these areas. Companies will seek candidates who can leverage technology to enhance efficiency and decision-making processes.

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