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Searching for the right candidates to fill your company's job vacancies in Surrey, British Columbia? Our solutions can assist you in fulfilling your staffing needs without putting additional strain on your in-house resources. We employ a comprehensive recruitment process that helps us find top-notch candidates for technical and skilled trades roles, executive positions, and C-suite jobs, among other job categories.

How We Streamline the Hiring Process for Companies in Surrey, BC

Technical Staff & Executive Employment Services

Permasearch has been providing professional staffing solutions in Surrey, BC for years. We specialize in identifying the best candidates for a variety of job categories, including engineering, technical, professional, sales, administration, transportation, warehousing, and logistics. Trust us to find your perfect match.

If you're facing challenges finding suitable employees for your office in Surrey, we provide direct recruitment services to assist you. We can assist your HR department by promptly and efficiently screening and identifying potential candidates. We manage all facets of the recruitment process, which includes:

• Advertising New Job Openings

• Screening Applicants

• Conducting Interviews

• Testing Potential Candidates

• Running Background Checks

Professional & Executive Employment in Surrey, BC

Our recruitment agency operates on the belief that a collaborative approach is key to providing customized solutions that meet your unique business needs. Our ultimate aim is to attract top-tier technical, executive, and professional candidates that fit seamlessly into your company culture, allowing you to achieve your goals.

We've earned our position as one of Surrey’s top employment agencies by building a vast pool of candidates and cultivating an inclusive LinkedIn network with over 60,000 potential hires. Our unique process ensures that we only present qualified candidates with the necessary skills and experience to make a meaningful contribution.

At our employment agency, we prioritize providing excellent service to both employers and job seekers alike. We understand that job satisfaction is essential for all parties involved, and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all of our clients. To help job seekers, we assist them in expediting their job search and maintain regular follow-up to ensure that their placement is meeting their expectations. We value feedback and continuously improve our services based on the insights provided. Furthermore, we provide:

• Relevant Market Feedback

• Networking Activities

• Access to Company Insights

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professional and executive recruitment

The Permasearch Advantage - Technology-Driven Talent Acquisition

Save time, money, and enjoy the freedom to focus on what you do best—building your business—when you partner TPI Permasearch. Our expertise and experience as one of Canada’s top recruitment agencies will help you find qualified, “best fit” candidates for both the job and your company. 
Recruitment firm experience
35+ Years of Recruitment Firm Experience

With over 35 years of experience, our staffing agency has an unparalleled understanding of business needs and requirements, and how to profile and interview qualified candidates to successfully fulfill open roles and positions. The professional recruitment experts at Permasearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail with each job search.

Partnership approach

Hiring a permanent employee can be a daunting and costly endeavor. Leverage our experience and databases to source, screen, and place top-quality talent. Through meaningful conversations, we uncover and understand the specific requirements of each customer, and we guarantee to match the highest quality and “best-fit” candidates for every position and unique company culture.

Review Drivers
with Integrity

We help top employers attract, retain, and develop best-in-class candidates to their organization, and we also help our candidates make successful career changes, and support them through that process. As trusted advisors to both parties at every phase of recruitment, we bring our stellar reputation for service, assessment excellence, and relationship-building skills to clients and candidates alike.

Guarantee Permasearch

We’re so confident in the caliber of our candidates, we guarantee it! That means in the unlikely event that the candidate’s performance is unsatisfactory, or they resign within the first three months of their employment with you, we’ll provide a replacement search at no additional cost to you. 

Industry Expertise

Our recruitment agency's deep understanding of diverse industry functions is fundamental to our ability to identify exceptional talent for mid-level management, corporate, executive, and C-suite roles. We believe that a strategic executive search is essential to pinpoint the right individuals for these positions, and our expertise enables us to achieve excellent results.

Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation

Our recruitment solutions focus on identifying top-tier talent for crucial roles in transportation, warehousing, and logistics, where skilled professionals are essential for streamlined operations. Count on us to find the right candidates to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Professional, Administrative & Sales

We focus on assisting you in finding the ideal candidate for your company's needs. Whether you need temporary or permanent salespeople, administrative assistants, customer service reps, hiring managers, or any other type of position filled, we can help. By working closely with you, we streamline the recruitment process and ensure that you find the perfect addition to your team.

Engineering, Technical & Skilled

Finding qualified candidates for technical and skilled roles is a critical challenge for many companies today. Our recruitment solutions can help address this challenge by providing access to a vast network of potential job seekers. We utilize rigorous screening methods to ensure that the candidates we present to you possess the necessary skills and experience for technical, engineering, or skilled trade positions.

About Us

Committed Leader in Staffing

35+ years experience in the staffing industry. TPI Permasearch is a division of TPI Personnel. Its group of companies have evolved into one of the leading providers of personnel. We work with companies and job seekers all across Canada.

Specialists in Recruitment

The professional recruitment experts at Permasearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail.

Technology Driven

By using state-of-the-art proprietary technology, recruiting agency tasks can be quickly scaled to meet the needs of our clients. As part of our mission to become one of the top recruiting agencies in Canada, our objectives are sky-high, but we never forget our roots.

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