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Attention business owners in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! If you're ready to grow your team, trust Permasearch employment solutions to help you find top talent for skilled trades, technical positions, and executive roles. We’re here to help you find the talent that will help elevate your business to new heights.

How Permasearch Makes the Hiring Process Easy for Companies in Saskatoon, SK

Recruitment Services for Technical Staff and Executives

Permasearch offers an array of services to help Saskatoon businesses in finding the ideal candidates for their job vacancies. Our expertise lies in sourcing exceptional talent across sectors such as engineering, technical, skilled trades, professional, sales, administrative, and transportation, warehousing, and logistics. With our guidance, rest assured we will secure the candidates who precisely align with your company's requirements.

Finding highly skilled candidates for your Saskatoon business can be challenging, but worry not. Our direct hire recruitment services are designed to assist you. With a seamless and efficient approach, we provide valuable support to your HR department by swiftly identifying and assessing qualified candidates. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the recruitment process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish, including:

• Advertising New Job Openings

• Screening Applicants

• Conducting Interviews

• Testing Potential Candidates

• Running Background Checks

Professional & Executive Staffing Services in Saskatoon, SK

At Permasearch, we place great emphasis on collaboration in order to provide tailored solutions to meet your distinct business requirements. Our unwavering commitment is focused on sourcing and attracting remarkable executive, professional, and technical talent that fits seamlessly with your company's vision and objectives.

As Saskatoon’s top-rated staffing agency, we take immense pride in our vast network of skilled job seekers and our expansive LinkedIn community, which encompasses over 60,000 potential candidates. Our unique approach to candidate evaluation ensures we present only those individuals who possess the skills and expertise to make a significant positive impact within your organization.

Our primary objective is to set ourselves apart from other staffing agencies and deliver outstanding services to job seekers and employers. We fully acknowledge the importance of job satisfaction for both parties and dedicate ourselves to providing quality services to all our clients.

We take great pride in accelerating the job search process for job seekers, providing support to ensure their job placement meets and even surpasses their expectations. Through frequent follow-ups, we strive to align their career aspirations with the opportunities presented. Feedback is highly valued, as it enables us to continually enhance our services based on the valuable insights we receive. What’s more, we have a range of offerings, including:

• Relevant Market Feedback

• Networking Activities

• Access to Company Insights

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professional and executive recruitment

Industry Expertise

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge across different industries, our recruitment agency excels in pinpointing individuals for mid-level management, corporate, executive, and C-suite positions. Our achievements are rooted in our deep understanding of how various industries function. We firmly believe that implementing a systematic approach to executive search is vital in securing the ideal candidates for these pivotal roles. With our expertise and experience setting us apart from other recruitment agencies, Saskatoon businesses can trust us to consistently deliver remarkable results.

Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

Specializing in transportation, warehousing (light industrial), and logistics roles, our recruitment services are finely tuned to identify quality talent within these critical domains. We recognize the value that seasoned professionals, such as machine operators and fleet managers, bring to an organization. That’s why we are steadfast in our commitment to finding the perfect candidates for the job. Rely on us as your trusted employment professionals to enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

Professional, Administrative & Sales

Our recruitment services have consistently achieved remarkable outcomes in identifying the perfect candidates for various organizations. Whether you are looking to fill full-time or part-time jobs in professional, sales, or administrative roles, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results. Through collaborative efforts, we streamline the recruitment process, ensuring that you secure the ideal addition to your team.

Engineering, Technical & Skilled

Sourcing qualified candidates for technical and specialized roles in the modern business landscape can pose challenges. However, our pool of potential talent, which is unmatched among other employment agencies, helps remedy this situation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we carefully screen candidates and present only those with the necessary skills and experience to excel in technical, engineering, or skilled trade positions. Count on us to address your hiring needs with precision and proficiency.

About Us

Committed Leader in Staffing

35+ years experience in the staffing industry. TPI Permasearch is a division of TPI Personnel. Its group of companies have evolved into one of the leading providers of personnel. We work with companies and job seekers all across Canada.

Specialists in Recruitment

The professional recruitment experts at Permasearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail.

Technology Driven

By using state-of-the-art proprietary technology, recruiting agency tasks can be quickly scaled to meet the needs of our clients. As part of our mission to become one of the top recruiting agencies in Canada, our objectives are sky-high, but we never forget our roots.

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