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If you own or operate a business in Kelowna and want to attract top talent, Permasearch excels in recruitment solutions for a wide range of job categories, from skilled trades to technical roles and executive positions. Allow us to streamline your hiring process by sourcing exceptional candidates who will contribute to your team's success.

Streamline Your Staffing Process in Kelowna: Explore Our Simplified Approach to Hiring

Experience Unmatched Recruiting Services with Permasearch

We use only the highest quality recruitment solutions to find top-notch candidates across various job categories, ranging from engineering and technical roles to skilled trades, professional positions, sales, administrative support, transportation, warehousing, and logistics. Trust our expertise to discover the ideal match for your business.

Streamline your candidate search for your Kelowna office with our specialized direct hire recruitment services. At Permasearch, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit for your organization. Our team of experts excels at identifying and evaluating potential candidates, providing invaluable assistance to your human resources department. From comprehensive sourcing to rigorous screening, we leave no stone unturned in our use of niche recruitment strategies, ensuring that you connect with candidates that align with your company's goals and values. Our service offering includes:

• Advertising New Available Positions

• Screening Applicants

• Conducting Interviews

• Testing Potential Candidates

• Running Background Checks

Professional & Executive Staffing Services in Kelowna, BC

At Permasearch, our unwavering dedication to becoming the leading employment agency provider to clients in Kelowna stems from our belief in cultivating partnerships. We firmly believe that understanding your business's distinct requirements is crucial in delivering tailored and personalized services. 

By understanding your specific needs, we can provide customized solutions that attract executive, professional, and technical talent. Through a collaborative approach, we strive to achieve your organizational objectives and foster exceptional matches between your company and its new employees. Let us join forces and together, we can drive success and create lasting connections.

As one of the most esteemed employment agencies in Kelowna, our track record of success is rooted in an expansive network of highly qualified job seekers and a LinkedIn presence boasting over 60,000 potential hires. At Permasearch, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled methodology, which works to identify and recommend job seeker candidates who possess the essential skills and experience for a seamless and successful hiring process.

At the core of our employment agency lies a dedication to providing quality service to both employers and job seekers. We support job seekers by assisting them in their journey, offering guidance throughout their job search, and checking in to ensure their placement aligns with their expectations. We highly value your feedback, as it serves as a catalyst for our ongoing service enhancement. In addition, we proudly offer a range of supplementary benefits to further elevate your experience, including:

• Relevant Market Feedback

• Networking Activities

• Access to Company Insights

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professional and executive recruitment

Industry Expertise

The foundation of our recruitment agency's success in sourcing top talent for mid-level management, corporate, executive, and C-suite positions lies in our understanding of industry dynamics. 
We recognize that a strategic perspective is pivotal in the executive search process, enabling us to identify candidates who have the requisite qualifications. With our expertise and knowledge, we proudly assert our position at the pinnacle of the Canadian staffing industry, consistently delivering unparalleled results to our esteemed clients.

Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

Our recruitment services are designed to facilitate connections between highly skilled professionals seeking transportation, warehousing, and logistics positions and companies in need of their expertise. 
We understand the important role that competent and experienced individuals play in ensuring the seamless operations of organizations in these industries. We have the ability to identify and recommend the right candidates who will make valuable contributions to your organization.

Professional, Administrative & Sales

At the core of our recruitment services lies the commitment to assisting you in finding the perfect candidate for your organization's needs, be it part-time or full-time employees in professional, sales, or administrative assistant roles. Our collaborative approach entails working closely with you to simplify the recruitment process, ensuring a seamless experience. By understanding your unique requirements, we strive to find the ideal fit for your team, allowing you to build a high-performing workforce that drives your organization's success.

Engineering, Technical & Skilled

Tackling the critical task of recruiting skilled and technical professionals is a paramount concern for businesses in today's competitive landscape. Our specialized recruitment services are crafted to address this challenge head-on, empowering your company with access to an extensive pool of potential job seekers. Through our rigorous screening methods, we ensure that every candidate we recommend possesses the essential qualifications required for technical, engineering, or skilled trade positions.

About Us

Committed Leader in Staffing

35+ years experience in the staffing industry. TPI Permasearch is a division of TPI Personnel. Its group of companies have evolved into one of the leading providers of personnel. We work with companies and job seekers all across Canada.

Specialists in Recruitment

The professional recruitment experts at Permasearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail.

Technology Driven

By using state-of-the-art proprietary technology, recruiting agency tasks can be quickly scaled to meet the needs of our clients. As part of our mission to become one of the top recruiting agencies in Canada, our objectives are sky-high, but we never forget our roots.

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