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Looking for the right candidates to fill job vacancies in Edmonton, Alberta? Our comprehensive recruitment process helps us find top-notch candidates for a wide range of job categories, including technical and skilled trades jobs, executive positions, and C-suite roles. Let us provide the assistance you need to fulfill your staffing needs.

We Offer a Streamlined Hiring Process for Companies in Edmonton, Alberta

Technical Staff & Executive Employment Services

For years, Permasearch has been offering staffing agency solutions in Edmonton, AB, by sourcing the most qualified candidates for a range of job categories, such as engineering, technical, professional, sales, administration, transportation, warehousing, and logistics. Count on us to find the ideal candidate for your talent demands. 

If you're struggling to find the right candidates for your Edmonton office, our professional recruiting services can help. We support your HR department by efficiently identifying and screening potential candidates. Our recruitment process includes:

• Advertising New Job Openings

• Screening Applicants

• Conducting Interviews

• Testing Potential Candidates

• Running Background Checks

Professional & Executive Recruitment - Edmonton, AB

At Permasearch, we adhere to the principle that taking a cooperative approach is crucial to delivering tailored solutions that fulfill your distinctive business requirements. Our primary objective is to entice highly skilled technical, executive, and professional candidates who can effortlessly integrate into your organizational ethos, empowering you to accomplish your aspirations.

Through our tireless efforts in developing a substantial talent pool and fostering an all-encompassing LinkedIn network comprising more than 60,000 prospective employees, we have cemented our standing as one of Edmonton’s best recruitment agencies. Our distinctive methodology guarantees that you will only be introduced to candidates possessing the requisite expertise and background to make a significant impact.

Our Edmonton team places great emphasis on delivering outstanding service to both employers and job seekers. We acknowledge that contentment in the workplace is indispensable for all parties concerned, and hence we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service to all our patrons. 

For job seekers, we expedite their job search by providing comprehensive assistance and follow-up regularly to ensure their job placement aligns with their expectations. We highly appreciate feedback and continually enhance our services based on the valuable insights we receive. Moreover, we offer:

• Relevant Market Feedback

• Networking Activities

• Access to Company Insights

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professional and executive recruitment

The Permasearch Advantage - Technology-Driven Talent Acquisition

Save time, money, and enjoy the freedom to focus on what you do best—building your business—when you partner TPI PermaSearch. Our expertise and experience as one of Canada’s top recruitment agencies will help you find qualified, “best fit” candidates for both the job and your company. 
Recruitment firm experience
35+ Years of Recruitment Firm Experience

With over 35 years of experience, our staffing agency has an unparalleled understanding of business needs and requirements, and how to profile and interview qualified candidates to successfully fulfill open roles and positions. The professional recruitment experts at PermaSearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail with each job search.

Partnership approach

Hiring a permanent employee can be a daunting and costly endeavor. Leverage our experience and databases to source, screen, and place top-quality talent. Through meaningful conversations, we uncover and understand the specific requirements of each customer, and we guarantee to match the highest quality and “best-fit” candidates for every position and unique company culture.

Review Drivers
with Integrity

We help top employers attract, retain, and develop best-in-class candidates to their organization, and we also help our candidates make successful career changes, and support them through that process. As trusted advisors to both parties at every phase of recruitment, we bring our stellar reputation for service, assessment excellence, and relationship-building skills to clients and candidates alike.

Guarantee Permasearch

We’re so confident in the caliber of our candidates, we guarantee it! That means in the unlikely event that the candidate’s performance is unsatisfactory, or they resign within the first three months of their employment with you, we’ll provide a replacement search at no additional cost to you. 

Industry Expertise

Our staffing firm's profound comprehension of various industry operations is pivotal in our capability to pinpoint exceptional candidates for executive, C-suite, corporate, and mid-level management roles. We are firm believers that a well-planned executive search is critical in identifying the appropriate individuals for these designations, and our proficiency empowers us to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

We specialize in recruitment solutions that prioritize the identification of highly skilled talent for pivotal positions in transportation, warehousing, and logistics. In these sectors, competent professionals are indispensable for ensuring efficient operations. You can rely on us to discover the perfect candidates who will guarantee the smooth running of your business.

Professional, Administrative & Sales

Our primary objective is to aid you in locating the perfect candidate for your company. Whether you require temporary or permanent salespeople, administrative assistants, customer service representatives, hiring managers, or any other type of position filled, we are well-equipped to provide assistance. By collaborating closely with you, we simplify the recruitment process and guarantee that you identify the ideal addition to your team.

Engineering, Technical & Skilled

Locating proficient candidates for technical and skilled roles is a daunting challenge for many companies. Our recruitment solutions can mitigate this challenge by granting you access to an extensive network of potential job seekers. We employ meticulous screening techniques to ascertain that the candidates we recommend to you possess the essential skills and experience required for technical, engineering, or skilled trade positions.

About Us

Committed Leader in Staffing

35+ years experience in the staffing industry. TPI Permasearch is a division of TPI Personnel. Its group of companies have evolved into one of the leading providers of personnel. We work with companies and job seekers all across Canada.

Specialists in Recruitment

The professional recruitment experts at PermaSearch all work hard to ensure our clients benefit from a consultative approach, integrity, and attention to detail.

Technology Driven

By using state-of-the-art proprietary technology, recruiting agency tasks can be quickly scaled to meet the needs of our clients. As part of our mission to become one of the top recruiting agencies in Canada, our objectives are sky-high, but we never forget our roots.

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