Navigating Tax Season: How Permasearch Delivered Top Talent for a Reputable Accounting Firm

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Overview: Our client, a reputable public accounting firm, was in need of four accountants ahead of the demanding Canadian tax season.

Challenge: Finding qualified accountants with the expertise and proficiency required for public accounting roles posed a significant challenge, particularly within a tight timeframe.

Solution: Permasearch took a strategic approach to address the client's staffing needs. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and large database of talent, we devised a comprehensive strategy to identify and attract top-tier talent for the specified roles.

Key Steps:

1.    Targeted Talent Acquisition: We tapped into our large network of accounting professionals in the Permasearch database to seek top talent for the role. In addition to this, we utilized outside platforms to reach potential candidates who met our clients’ criteria.


2.    Assessment Process: Through in-depth interviews, skill evaluations, and background checks, we ensured that only the most qualified individuals progressed to the next stage of the hiring process.


3.    Timely & Efficient Communication: Recognizing the urgency of the client's needs, Permasearch maintained clear and open communication throughout the recruitment process. We provided regular updates on candidate progress, facilitated interviews, and collaborated closely with the client to streamline decision-making and expedite the hiring process.


4.    Candidate Screening: We meticulously screened candidates to ensure they possessed the required qualifications, skill set and experience needed for the role. Tailoring our assessment process to the unique requirements of our client, we conducted specialized evaluations to gauge the candidates’ abilities in areas such as audit procedures, tax compliance, and financial reporting.  


5.   Cultural Fit Evaluation: Recognizing the importance of cultural alignment within a team-based environment, we evaluated candidates not only for their technical skills but also for their compatibility with the client's organizational culture and values.


6.   Hiring: Permasearch supported both our client and the candidates throughout the hiring process. Our recruiters were available to answer any questions our candidates had about the direct hire job offer and benefits package before signing and making the role official.  

7.   Onboarding Support: Beyond the hiring phase, Permasearch provided assistance with onboarding to ensure a smooth transition for the newly recruited accountants. This included providing resources to help integrate them into the client's team.


Results: Using our strategic approach to talent acquisition, all four accounting positions were successfully filled with professional and qualified candidates well ahead of the tax season deadline.

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