True Cost of Hiring on Your Own

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Finding permanent employees in todays market can be a time consuming and stressful process for your business, and not to mention, expensive. However, by working with Permasearch and allowing us to find your next permanent hire, we can alleviate those financial constraints and stress, so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Here are the ways your company will benefit by partnering with Permasearch:

Technology: At Permasearch we use state-of-the-artproprietary technology that enables our team of recruiters can meet the needsof our clients quickly and effectively. We have a massive database of over 60,000 candidates that are pre-vettedand ready to get to work, for you!
Screening time: Combing through hundreds of applicants and their resumes can be very time consuming and overwhelming. At Permasearch we take care of posting job openings, screening applicants, conducting interviews and running background checks. Our team works round-the-clock to find you the staff you need.
Partnership approach: Work with us to leverage our experience and our expansive database to source, screen, and place top-quality talent in your business. By building a partnership with you, we uncover and understand exactly what you are looking for and then we can find a guaranteed “best-fit” candidate to fit your needs.
38 Years of Experience in Recruitment: With 3 decades of experience in the staffing industry, the team a Permasearch is your one stops hop to finding the personnel you need. We offer market insight and intellect to our clients and we have knowledge on pay scales and industry trends to help you make informed decisions for your business.
Reduced Costs: Advertising is expensive and running ads on multiple job board sites can be costly and takes a lot of time. In addition to our own personal database, Permasearch has access to multiple websites and can easily run resume searches to screen candidates.
Expertise: At Permasearch we are experts in all areas of business and have experience hiring in industries like: warehousing, transportation, logistics, administration, clerical, sales, marketing, technical & skilled trades, and manufacturing. No matter what type of business you run, we have the know-how to help you find top notch staff.
The Permasearch Guarantee:  In the unlikely event that the candidate’s performance is not satisfactory, or they resign within the first 3 months of their employment, we will provide a replacement search at no additional cost to you.

At the end of the day working with us will save you money, time, and stress. Allow our experienced recruiters at Permasearch to simplify the hiring process for you.  Contact us today to get your hiring needs fulfilled.