Employee Spotlight: Brian Nyandong

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In our first edition of the Permasearch Employee Spotlight, we sat down with Brian Nyandong to discuss what his role is with the company and some of the recent success the business has had.

1. What is your role at Permasearch?

As the Director of Sales at Permasearch my role is to make sure that our client base is consistently growing. I network with clients across all industries to introduce our services as Direct Hire experts. An essential part of my role is taking the time to understand the hiring needs that clients have and consulting them on how best our team could help alleviate any of their pain points.

2. Can you share a recent success story that you are proud of?

One recent success that we had was assisting one of our Executive Search clients create a job description and recruit for a role that in the long term will take over all their responsibilities gradually. The opportunity to consult a client who built their company from the ground up, with a crucial role that will aid in business continuity is one of the more fulfilling engagements you can be involved in working in the recruitment industry.

3. What is the biggest strength a candidate can have when applying for a job with Permasearch?

The biggest asset that a candidate can have when applying for a job with Permasearch is a good gauge of their professional strengths and areas of improvement. This puts the candidate in the best space to highlight the right experience they’ve accumulated, and target jobs that they will most likely excel at. Our team of recruiters are always happy to engage in career conversations with candidates that help to illuminate their core strengths and any areas of improvement.

4. How can employers benefit from working with an agency like Permasearch?

The are several ways that employers can benefit from working with an agency like Permasearch. One main one that I would like to highlight is that we only focus on Direct Hire (Permanent) recruitment. This allows us to hold long term fit for both, client and candidate alike as our main north start of performance excellence. We consult candidates on their entire career as opposed to just their next job, and we consult clients on building their business as opposed to just their next hire. This gives our clients back their time that would have otherwise been spent trying to find ‘’the perfect fit’’ whenever they tap into our extensive network of mostly passive candidates that we’ve built relationships with over time.

5. What is one skillset that Finance and Accounting candidates can benefit from learning this year?

From a technical perspective, one of the main things that I think anyone in any profession should be learning a little bit about is the impact of machine learning on their profession. There is an excellent course on offer by CPA Ontario that can introduce you to machine learning and its implications for CPAs. The skill of leveraging machine learning in Finance and Accounting will most likely become increasingly more important as the years go by, so I encourage anyone in the workplace to get ahead of the curve.

From a soft skill perspective, I would always encourage candidates to continue to work on their ability to network professionally. It is in some ways easier and some ways harder to network these days in comparison to years gone by. Lots of companies have employed hybrid work options so for some this has led to fewer opportunities to connect in person with people outside their own company. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that is in everyone’s disposal however, so as long as there is intentional and consistent effort to grow your network, it is always possible to connect with someone somewhere who can add value to your career.

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