Can Temp Jobs Become Permanent?

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Not only can your temporary job become a permanent job, many times, temp jobs are structured to do just that! For several reasons, businesses in Canada are using contract workers for scrum teams or specific project work, with an eye toward permanent or steady work. Employers may also use a temporary position as a "trial run" for potential new employees.

If you're struggling to find the right path for your career, or if you are having trouble landing a permanent position in your dream field, starting as a temporary worker may be the best way to get your foot in the door. Permasearch can help. As one of Canada's top employment placement agencies, we match talented workers with great employers.

Why Do Employers Create Temporary Jobs?

Companies offer temporary positions for many reasons. For example, during a holiday or other busy season, some businesses may need additional workers for increased customer demand, workers that may not be needed year-round. Temporary employees may be cheaper to employ because they are not offered permanent employee benefits like a retirement plan or other perks.

Other times, an employer may need additional or specialized help with a specific project. Instead of adding an entire department to its workforce to take care of the tasks, the employer may contract the work out to specialist contract workers. When the project, or phase of a project, is complete, there isn't much need for the temporary employee to stay on.

Trends in Temporary Workers in Canada

These days, many companies plan to utilize temporary workers as an ongoing staffing option. Choosing temporary work is also on the rise for potential employees, as many people are open to taking on extra temp work to supplement their current permanent job. 

Whether you're seeking a steady side gig or wish to turn a temporary position into full-time, there is plenty of opportunity in today’s job market.

However, not every temporary job offers a transition into a permanent one. Some positions are intentionally temporary and cannot be made into permanent employment, such as retail work around the holidays or at tourist destinations that have consistent seasonal busy times. However, you may even be able to turn one season into regular seasonal work each year with a little hard work and diligence.

How To Transform Your Temporary Job Into a Permanent One

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These tips can help you see permanent employment from temporary employment or put you in a position to be asked back as a seasonal worker every busy season, providing you with reliable supplemental income.

Do Your Best Work, Every Shift

High performers stand out, even in a temporary position. Showing up to work on time and ready to go every shift and paying close attention to your employer's expectations puts you in a better position for full-time employment. Employers like reliable workers, so simply being on time, not calling out, and not asking to go home early may put you in the better half of temporary workers right off the bat. In addition, try to become indispensable at your new gig – ask questions about the best way to complete your duties or, if you don't have anything to do, what you can do to help during slower times.

Show Enthusiasm

Some temporary workers treat their jobs as just that – something short-term and not worth a lot of investment and enthusiasm. This attitude shows employers can pick up on workers who don't take their jobs seriously. If you have a customer-facing job, be friendly and polite; if you have a support role, do your best to ensure that your part of the project is complete and correct so that others who depend on your work have what they need to complete their tasks.

Use a Temp Job as a Networking Opportunity

Get to know the people you work with and foster professional relationships with them. As you build a professional network, you have more people to reach out to for recommendations for another job or more people to ask about potential new opportunities once your particular project is complete. Furthermore, your professional acquaintances may keep you in mind if a permanent position opens up.

Ask if Permanent Employment is Available

Talk to your manager and let them know you would welcome an opportunity for permanent work with the company. There is no guarantee that your particular role will become a permanent position, but your manager may know of other opportunities in the company that may be available. Suppose you have demonstrated that you are a reliable and enthusiastic temporary worker. In that case, it's more likely that your manager, or others in the company, will view you as a good addition to their team.

Get Extra Help With Your Staffing Needs

Permasearch is a full-service talent acquisition agency that helps employers find suitable candidates for open positions in many different roles, from transportation and logistics to tech, skilled trades, administrative, and sales. Contact us today to learn more about how our staffing solutions can help your company grow.

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